AMP Football Completes Successful Easter ID Camp

AMP Football has completed a very successful camp in Mississauga and Barrie resulting in the identification of several players for trial opportunities in the UK and other European countries. Players will be announced as trials are finalized.

Gary Lewis stated, “The player quality was impressive and several players were identified. We have seen some of the camp attendees several times but there were many new faces. In addition to the trialists we have several other players that we will want to see in July again with the intention of starting them in the professional pathway as well.”

The camp comprised of 3 days in Barrie and a more aggressive schedule of 1 day in Mississauga. Each camp day lasted 4 hours and had several hours of attacking, defending and transition sessions followed by a scrimmage. The Barrie Camp consisted of mainly 12 year old and 17 year old players while the Mississauga Camp consisted of mainly 15 year olds.

Miki Radivojsa stated, “In addition to the camp, we had productive meetings with several leagues, clubs and coaches. Our intention is to have many more relationships with players starting at the age of 12 so that the players have time to implement AMP Football suggestions for improvement. AMP Football will continue to open doors in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and other countries that are suitable for identified players.”

AMP Football will be sending assessments and communicating with players in the coming days. AMP Football will launch Mississauga based supplemental training on Saturdays and Sundays in May and June. In July and August, AMP Football will be holding camps in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. A UK trip is planned in October consisting of several teams comprised of identified players aged 13 to 17 years of age.

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