Elias Goritsas Identified At Easter Camp

AMP Football is pleased to announce that Elias Goritsas has been identified by Gary Lewis for trials in the UK. Gary stated “Elias is a player that is familiar as he has attended several AMP Football camps and been on an AMP Football UK tour. Elias has progressed tremendously in the last year and will now be exposed to trials. Elias performed well both in the Barrie Camp and the Mississauga Camp and has worked hard to get this opportunity. ”

Miki Radivojsa stated “AMP Football has worked with players like Elias for several years and have monitored their progress in several key areas that professional clubs focus on. AMP Football will continue to provide guidance to players in order to prepare them for opportunities that are suitable.”

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Elias’s Recent Soccer Clubs

ADP Soccer Academy

Blair Ceolin
Technical Director:
Adam Cookson
Rush Canada

Shawn Omrani
Technical Director:
Bogdan Brasoveanu

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