Frequently Asked Questions About Camps

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What Should I Look For In An ID camp?
A talent Identification Camp should cater for 3 levels of ability starting at u8 and continuing to u16 with Recreation, Development and Elite levels determined per camp by clubs. For partnership and progression short term, players aged 14-16 deemed to be of the necessary standard for trial overseas will be identified and invited for trials with professional clubs in Europe. For longer term progression, players have the opportunity to move up through the 3 tiers on improvement based on the agreed opinions of club staff and ApexUK coaches.

What Is The Difference Between A Development And ID Camp?
Development camps are long term projects working with all ages within a club/organization to develop players over a period of time with the end goal being European tours and opportunities for trials at professional European clubs.

ID camps are solely to identify players aged 14-16 in the short term to assess and identify potential players to provide opportunities for within a 6 month period.

What Types Of Camp Coaches Should Be Present?
Coaches present should consist of representative Professional club coaches who will provide the necessary program for a camp with the intention of providing feedback and recommendations to their relevant clubs to provide players identified on camp with opportunities back home.

How Many Coaches Should Be Present?
1 coach to 15 players / 1 coach to 20 players ratio maximum. These should not be local coaches but visiting coaches.

What Professional Contacts Should The Camp Have?
ID camps should have real scouting opportunities for *multiple* clubs in *multiple* countries in *multiple* playing levels with a proven track record.

How Many Hours Per Day Should ID Camps Be?
There should be no babysitting and the time spend should be high tempo and effective. The camps should be a maximum of 3 or 4 hours per day not 8 hours, and be limited to a couple of days for ID camps.

What Feedback Must Be Provided To Each Player?
Written reports must be provided to every player catered to their progressive targets for future camps.

What Coaching Contacts Must Be Provided To Each Player?
Contact information for the decision maker for trials must be provided including email and phone. AMP provides contact info for Gary Lewis. Without this direct contact between the player and trial decision maker the camp is not structured properly.

What Quality Of Players Should Attend?
ID camps should have enough quality to have several players go on trial to different clubs at different times. The camp hosts should have enough player knowledge to get the right mix of players to attend.

Should the ID Camp Guarantee A Trial To The Best Player Attending The Camp?
ID camps should not promise a guaranteed trial to the best player. ID camps can often become development camps based on quality of attending players.