Sammy Vera Identified At Easter Camp

AMP Football is pleased to announce that Sammy Vera has been identified by Gary Lewis for trials in Europe. Gary stated “Sammy has a long history with AMP Football including attending 4 camps and 2 UK tours. Sammy is a great example of a player who has progressed from the development squad when he was 12 to recently being on the Ontario Provincial Team. AMP Football has monitored Sammy for several years and now feel he is ready for the professional pathway.”

Miki Radivojsa stated “AMP Football has a strategy of providing guidance to young players for specific items to improve. If those players follow Gary’s advice in addition to developing within their team they will be provided opportunities at the right level.”

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Sammy’s Recent Soccer Clubs

ADP Soccer Academy

Blair Ceolin
Technical Director:
Adam Cookson
Rush Canada

Shawn Omrani
Technical Director:
Bogdan Brasoveanu

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